Brenda Barnum



Brenda Barnum
Chicago, IL
[email protected]
San Francisco Art Institute, Painting Major, 1980-81
Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Painting/Film Major, 1978-80
Milwaukee Area Technical College, Design Major, 1975-77
Gateway Technical College, Interior Design Major, 1973-75
​Birmingham Art Center, Arts Midwest Show, Birmingham, Mi, June 2018
"Dualities, Brenda Barnum & Joanne Aono" , Eyeporium gallery, Chicago, IL Jan, 2012
Art Chicago, Thomas Masters Gallery, merchandise mart, 2010, 2011
"Art from the "Heartland", Indianapolis Art Center, Jan.2010
"New Abstractions" -brenda barnum& marianne levant -Architrove, Chicago, March ʼ08
Thomas Masters, Chicago, IL , Jan. 2008
Art Chicago, James Corcoran Gallery, Chicago, IL, April, 2007
Art Chicago, Walter Bischoff Gallery/ Berlin, Thomas Masters Gallery/ Chicago. April ʼ06
"Blue" Thomas Masters Gallery, Chicago, IL Dec.2005
"8 Ball", 4Art, Chicago, IL August, 2004
Works on Paper, Marsha Childs Gallery, Princeton, N.J. April,2000
"Botanicals" Butters Gallery. Portland OR, March, 2000
"Sextablos" Hyde Park Art Center, Aug.1999, Barrister Gallery, New Orleans, LA,
May.2000,Augen Gallery, Portland OR, Nov. 2000
Onnisimmo Fine Arts. Palm Beach, Florida 2000
New York Expo, New York,NY March 1999
"Davis Street Inaugural", Butters Gallery, Portland, OR Feb. 1999
Art Expo Miami, Marco Fine Arts, Miami FLA Jan.1999
"Contemporary Abstraction", Klein Gallery, Chicago,IL Dec. 1998
Gallery Sur, Carmel, C.A., Oct. 1997
Vancouver International Art Exhibition, Butters Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. June, 1997
Group Show, Butters Gallery, Portland Oregon, April, 1997
Group Show, Jayson Gallery, Chicago, IL Dec. 1996
"20 at Knox", Knox College, Galesburg, IL, Sept. 1996
"Painterly Abstraction" , Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL, July, 1996 and Indiana
University, Gary, IN, Sept. 1996
Group Show, Jayson Gallery, Chicago, IL Dec. 1995
"Wanderlust....abstraction in Chicago" A.R.C. Gallery , Chicago. IL, Sept. 1995
Group show. FachHochschule, Offenburg, Germany. Oct.1994
ART EXPO, Chicago. Walter Bischoff Gallery, May 1994
Chicago Drawing Exhibition, Madiera, Portugal, July 1993
ART EXPO, Chicago. Walter Bischoff Gallery, May 1993
"Emerging Chicago Abstraction", Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL Jan.1993
Chicago Abstraction, Klein Gallery, Chicago IL Dec. 1993
Burns Fine Art, New York, NY, Dec. 1992
Gallery North West, Indiana University, Gary, IN, Aug. 1991
"18 Artists" 1800 Clybourn Building, Chicago, June 1991
"Aktuelle Kunst Aus Amerika", Amerika Haus, Stuttgart, Germany, June 1991
Randolph Street Gallery Auction, Chicago, May 1991
"Rapture" Lorenzo Rodriguez Gallery, Chicago, May 1991
"Paint" Sazama Gallery, Chicago, Jan. 1991
Los Angeles Art Expo, Dec. 1990
Cologne Art Expo, Germany, Nov. 1990
"New Work for a New Decade" Gallery Vienna, Chicago, Jan. 1990
"Transcultural Exchange Show" Chicago and Vienna, Austria, fall 1989
"Abstractions" Zola Lieberman Gallery, Chicago, June1988
"Arts Midwest Fellowship" Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Oct. 1987,
The Wursum Museum, Racine, WI. Feb. 1988, Evanston Art Center, IL. May 1988
"Masks" Klein Gallery, Chicago, Sept. 1987
International Contemporary Art Fair, Fort Apache Gallery, London, May 1986
"Fort Apache Expo Show" Fort Apache Gallery, Chicago, May 1986
"Convergence: Mind, Myth & Material", Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, April 1985
"Wish You Were Here" Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, April, 1985
"Chicago" Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, Jan. 1985
"Post Industrial Paint", Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, July
Mezz Gallery at the Mayne Stage, Chicago, Sept. 2015
Forms Gallery, Del Ray Beach, FL, Feb., 2011
Thomas Masters Gallery, May 2009, Jan. 2007. May 2005, Sept. 2003
Butters Gallery, Portland, OR, Dec. 2004, Sept. 2000, Sept. 1997
Eastwick Gallery, Chicago, IL, May 2002, May 2001
New York Art Exposition, Marco Fine Art, March,1998
Walter Bischoff Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany, June 1990
The Broadway Gallery, Detroit, MI. May 1988
Bates Gallery, Chicago, ILL. Nov. 1986
Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, ILL. Oct. 1985
Rogers Park Mural, Chicago, Il, 2013 & 2011
Club 950, Chicago, IL , Aug. 1987
Limelight Nightclub, Chicago, July/ March 1986
Hippodrome Nightclub, London, England, May 1986
 INTERNET/ CYBER galleries and Shows:
ArtSlant feature 2010
Saatchi Art - on line gallery , 2014
SeeMe & Scope Art - Art Takes Miami, Dec. 7, 2014
1986 Arts Midwest NEA Fellowship Award
2012 Illinois arts council Grant - Individual support
Marco fine arts- silkscreen prints, published from 1996- 98
HG art- published prints from 2012-14.
Inspiration Corporation - One Enchanted Evening-
Benefit Juried Auction, 1997 thru 2015
Klein, Paul, Brenda Barnum/Joanne Aono- Dualities, Artletter, Jan 2012
Klein, Paul, Brenda Barnum/ Marianne Levant, Artletter , March 2008
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July1984Artner, Alan, "Post Industrial Paint" review of show, Chicago Tribune, July 1984
Chicago Public Art Collection, Goldblatts building, Chicago, IL
Arthur Anderson & Co., Chicago, Il
Walter Bischoff, Walter Bischoff Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
Billy Corgin, Chicago, IL
John Hancock Center-Signature Room at the 95th
Dr. Jerome Hausman, Evanston, Il
I.M.C. Inc. Northbrook,IL
Jay Goltz, Jayson Home & Garden Chicago, IL
Edward & Nancy Kienholz, Hope, Idaho
Judith Mamet, Chicago. Il
Peter Miller, Peter Miller Gallery
Dorothy and Alan Press, Chicago, Il
Prudential Insurance Co., Newark N.J.
Alan Ravitz, Chicago, Il
Saks Fifth Ave., New York
Robert Wislow, Chicago,IL
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